Friday, July 24, 2020

How To Fix Adobe Reader not working Issue

Opening a PDF file will take you to a busy icon for few seconds then does nothing. It is even weirder because the Adobe Reader or Acrobat doesn't show any error code or any error information. To resolve the problem, you may want to make a few changes in the settings, or maybe you need to download the newer version update of Adobe Reader. It is also quite possible that the Adobe Reader or Acrobat you're using might be damaged which can hinder the graceful executions of the function. The following solutions will present you the ways to repair this Adobe Reader not working issue. Change the settings in Adobe Reader Open Adobe Reader and click on on Edit option available on the menu. Click on the Preference in the Edit menu. Select Security Enhances under ‘Categories’ in the new Preference windows Repair Adobe Reader Installation Sometimes the Adobe reader and their resources might be damaged which will hamper the graceful functioning of the software. Here’s a quick fix to repair the damaged Adobe reader Open Adobe Reader Or Acrobat. Click on the Help button in the menu. Hit the Repair Adobe Reader Installation and restart. Download the latest update patch Open Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Click on the Help button in the menu. Hit the “Check for Update” option from the Help drop-down menu. In the update box, Click download to possess a replacement version and restart. UninstallFree Web Content, and fresh install Adobe Reader Completely uninstall Adobe Acrobat Reader using its uninstaller then download and install its latest version. You can download and use this Uninstaller from Adobe.
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