Friday, July 24, 2020

Different Ways to Fix Slow Running Computer by Support, Service Number

In this fast paced world where everything is quick and done within seconds, delays are despised by everyone. In such expeditious environment we expect everything to work fast. If our computer runs slow then it can disrupt our work and annoy us to the utmost. Therefore it is necessary to fix the computer. If you are also facing the issue of computer working slowly then do not worry. We have some quick fixes to solve this problem. Unused programs There are many unused programs in our computers that are either pre-installed or never used. These programs can run in the background and make the computer and applications run slow. So you need to uninstall them. Go to the control panel in your computer and select Programs option. Now uninstall program from the list given. Temp files The temp files keep accumulating as the computer runs. These files can make the applications and computer function low. So it is always good to delete them. You can open the Start menu and enter temp in the Search field. Now you can search for temp files. A Temp folder will open. Delete all files in this folder. Hard dive storage You can also clear up your space on your hard drive. If the space n hard drive is full, it can affect the speed of computer. If there are processor-heavy files like video recordings and media it can make computer slow. So clear up the drive. Virus If there are viruses on your computer then it can also make computer run slowly. You can install an antivirus program and run it to detect virus. If you find any then remove it. There are many antivirus programs available that you can install. Also it is advisable to keep one installed every time to protect your computer from viruses. Update windows You can also update your windows. Sometimes when the windows version gets old it creates issue in working. It can also make the computer run slow. So make sure you keep the windows updated. Check if there is any latest version window available and update it. Disk defragment You can also optimize the efficiency of your hard drive by doing disc defragment. This will consolidate the fragmented files. To do it, open 'My Computer' and select hard drive. Go to 'Properties' and under 'Tools' option select 'Defragment Now' option. Disk clean-up You can also perform disc clean up. This will clean your system by clearing unnecessary large files. To do itFree Web Content, select "Start" and go to All Programs. Select Accessories tab and click System Tools. Then select Disk Cleanup option. Computer Technical Support If nothing works and the computer is still running sow then you can contact or take help from the technicians. You can call the Computer tech Support and share the issue with executives. Hey will provide you solutions.
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